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COVID-19 Test Result in 10 Minutes. One of the authorised test kits in China.

Brief introduction of COVID-19 Test Kit (SAR-CoV-2)

For a better understanding to the covid-19 test kit manufactured by our company and help the users to better apply the products in real practice, the stated rules should be followed.

Primarily, what is it?

It is an antibody test kit.

What is antibody?

It is the material produced by our body to fight with the antigen (virus).

That means every infected person will produce the antibody and it has provided the material for us to test.

The igM and igG to 2019 (test materials) are sensitive to the materials produced by our body.

When they meet, the lines of igg and igM will turn to red which means a positive result.

Secondly, how should we apply the test.

Generally, we should apply it for a general test.

What is general test?

The covid-19 test kit is a rapid test kit.

We can get the test result within 10-15 minutes and the operation is really convenient and easy.

Everybody can use it at home by themselves.

That means if people get the similar symptom with covid-19, firstly they should isolate themselves at home with mask and some other measures, then they can have a first test by themselves.

If it is positive result, do not hesitate to ask help from the government or local hospital for a further testing by PCR to make confirmation.

If it is negative, people can take some basic measures by themselves at home.

For the government, there are a lot of areas to apply the test.

For instance, hospital. There are so many patients and the reagents are very limited.

Then we can apply the test for the first testing to catch the typical ones and make further detection.

The negative ones should be arranged at some places for isolation 7 days for another test or medical observation.

If there’s no obvious symptom happened more on the isolated people with a negative test results, they can be released after near 14 days.

The positive patients happened during isolating time, should also be sent to make further test.

It can do some help on the shortage of PCR reagents.

It also has more occasions to apply the rapid test kit.

what we should remember is that it is a nice product for early screening.

Thirdly, quality and accuracy of the test.

We develop the product under the cooperation with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Hospital and the related science and medical department of china.

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